Compatible zodiac signs with capricorn woman

It is not that common for Capricorn woman to have a dominating trait.

Capricorn's Best Love Matches

She will try to her best to rationalize her behavior if need be. If you want to see her negative side, try and mess with her loved ones. You will know a thing or two about her. She tends to hold a self-reliant trait that makes her behave impatiently. She always wants to outshine others no matter what. She hates to go overboard but believes that a little cat and mouse race will never hurt anyone. You better grasp that she enjoys having competitors that make her improve more on her weaker side.

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Facts about Capricorn woman show that she is a tough sign to understand. One moment she is hot while the next minute she is cold. Reason: She comes with an innate drive that she only understands well. This is what drives her emotional level. At times she can be stubborn and out of control. Note that she is an Alpha female and when provoked she will be more unpredictable. It will always remain as the most fearsome question for me to answer. But because of hundreds of reasons I will answer for you.

There is one thing that will allow her to lie; overwhelmed fear. If she happens to feel comfortable, she will have no reasons to dishonor you. Out of spite, there and then; she will be unfaithful to you.